Bug - Voting to GTOP

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Bug - Voting to GTOP

Post by ManoItsMe on Sun Apr 15, 2012 7:32 am

Well, first sorry on posting here, I dunno where else to post in.
I tried today to vote for GTOP, I wrote my IGN - iMano, and waited to transfer to the gachpa site, and suprisingly, it didn't happen, I just stayed at the same page even after waiting for a long 5 min, the thing I am more angry about, is that I got that 1 vp in game, and because I wanna avoid - getting banned and avoid - VP abusing, I suggest one of the owners to fix that, maybe it was just a glitch that happened once, but plz take a look at that, thanks.

P.S. - You can take out that one VP I got without really voting, I don't mind and I am sorry.
P.S. #2 - I'll provide a screen shot when I'll be able to vote again to GTOP (in 8 hrs).
P.S. #3 - Plz make a time pentaly for UPS voting server, the no time pentaly for it makes the VP Abusers number grow. if you didn't realise yet.

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Re: Bug - Voting to GTOP

Post by iSnipes on Mon Apr 16, 2012 12:32 pm

This isn't the glitch for VPA. And it won't be discussed at all. The problem you're facing is the JavaScript not responding. You should try using another Web Browser. If you're using Mozilla FireFox and use the program NoScript, make sure the script for Dchaos.net is enabled. You should also check if you have the latest Java. If you do and the error still consist, try updating to the Beta Java 7. You can find this on the side bar when checking if you have the latest Java on that website.

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