Extracting Error??

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Extracting Error??

Post by A6ix on Thu Feb 09, 2012 1:36 pm

This is my 1st time download D.Chaos, though i'm wuite sure i'm doing this right..
Anywho So I downloaded all 11 files, I go to Part1 and choose to extract it into an empty
desktop file. I choose "process all files", which brings me to the 2 errors:

! Cannot open C:(File Location Here)D.ChaosMS Setup (Rev.8 ).part01.rar
The system cannot find the file specified.
! C:(File Loaction Here)D.ChaosMS Setup (Rev.8 ).part01.rar: No files to extract

These are the errors i've been getting after it failed the 1st time.
And the 1st time it was actualy going pretty smooth untill it told me I was missing file part08.
Which weirdly I had at the time so I re-downloaded that single file and tried again.
And that's when the 2 errors shown up there started accuring. Any help would be awesome~ Smile

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