ZtongZ needs assistance. [CASE FILE]

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ZtongZ needs assistance. [CASE FILE]

Post by Sashumo on Thu Dec 22, 2011 1:41 am

His account has suffered from severe lagg after climbing onto a ladder. This was evident when his friend tried Sniping his lagging account that he can no longer access. After he was Sniped, There was no proof of "death", yet my GM Resurrection's effect showed over his character after said Sniping. GM commands (particularly !dc) won't work on it. He also cannot log into the main website. The only way I can see him getting his main character back, is through a server restart.

Character stuck, server restart necessary to fix the problem.

Related Characters/Accounts:
ZtongZ- Victim
HeretiC- Backup account used to contact a GM (I was the only one who responded, even though I'm a GFX).
iLove9- Friends with the victim on their main account.

Possible solution(s):

Server Restart.

I am no longer going by the name Knives. Now, I am to be known as Sashumo.

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Re: ZtongZ needs assistance. [CASE FILE]

Post by Otaku on Fri Dec 23, 2011 7:12 am

Update : He was not stuck yesterday but it seems his character is stuck again @ Maple Road. One of the glitch maps along Maple Road, so he has gotten himself glitched again. Can some sort of action be taken to get him un-stuck? He can't log-in onto the website either.

A server restart possibly? Thanks.

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